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For most countries, visas are required to enter China. The validity period of passport is not less than six months. Of course, according to the rules and regulations of Chinese embassies in different countries, there will be differences. You only need to provide relevant information according to the requirements of the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country. After verification and confirmation, you can get the relevant visa.
The tourist visa is the most convenient, it can enter China to participate in trade exhibitions in the fastest and cheapest way. The validity of the tourist visa is usually 30 days. Most travel visas can be obtained without formal invitation letters, just travel, air tickets and hotel reservations. But for individual countries, it is relatively difficult to obtain a tourist visa, or even not unavailable. Please confirm this matter in advance with the Chinese Embassy in your country.
Business visas are relatively complex and require official business invitations. Our designated travel agency partners can help you get the official invitation, but they need to pay a small fee. The application process takes 10 working days, so early application is strongly recommended. The business invitation letter will help you obtain a business visa to enter China, and the visa application process will take a week or more. Please fill in the application form and attach a copy of your passport. To apply for a visa, you need to confirm and pay the relevant application fees before that.
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