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White adopted a hundred pets.

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    Small animals are lively and loving. Feeding one or two animals at home can only add a lot of fun to life. However, Wu Jing, a 29-year-old white-collar woman, has fed nearly 100 small animals at home and built her own "animal kingdom".  On August 18, after Wu Jing posted photos of her pet on the internet, many "animal lovers" visited her home.

I've raised more just to relieve loneliness.

    Wu Jing, 29, is an employee of a hospital in the main city.  On August 19, the reporter came to Wu Jing's rented house at Shipingqiao.  As soon as he entered the living room, he was immediately shocked.  The wall of the living room is full of small cages, furniture such as sofa tea table is placed in the corner, and even several large pet cages are stacked in the middle of the living room.  Wu Jing said with a smile that there was no way out. There were too many cages to fit in. He simply set aside the living room to be their "room." Wu Jing said that there were still many cages in the two bedrooms. As she insisted on "one pet, one cage," she became what she is now. The reporter calculated that there were more than 70 cages in the living room alone.

    Totoro, Dutch pig, gerbil, Xi Shi Xiong, guarding palace, spider, water turtle ... when it comes to pets, Wu Jing knows a lot about them. nearly 100 small animals are her heart.  "I raised small animals because I was lonely. My father was an engineer and often had to go on business trips to inspect projects. My mother worked in Yongchuan and was not at home at ordinary times."  Wu Jing has long hated being alone in an empty house, so since the summer of 2008, Wu Jing has started her pet "philatelic feeding".  Wu Jing said that most of the small animals in her family were not bought in pet shops.  Some were sent by netizens and some were bought by netizens. In the long run, her "animal world" has expanded continuously.

    Most of the salary is "eaten" by pets.

    In order to focus on raising these little guys, Wu Jing not only vacated the house, but also spent most of her salary. She said that most of her monthly salary of more than 3,000 yuan was spent to buy feed for pets, which cost nearly 2,000 yuan a month, taking into account the daily necessities of pets.  She said, fortunately, she used it sparingly on weekdays, which was not enough, so she borrowed some money from her parents for a temporary turnover.  "My mother objected, saying that the house was full of fur and smelled of smell. She wouldn't let me raise it. She let me save my money to buy a house. My father said that it would be good if I liked it, and I could raise it with extra money."

    Wu Jing's mother told reporters that she once told her daughter to open a pet shop so that she could at least make money, but Wu Jing refused.  My daughter's reason is that she likes raising small animals. It's different to open a pet shop. In order to make money, everyone has to sell them and often breed them. It's not good for small animals.

Feeding is hard and troublesome

    It is not easy to take care of nearly a hundred small animals.  Wu Jing said it would take half an hour to change the water for these "little boys" every day and half a day to do cleaning every weekend.  However, in order to ensure the living environment of small animals, we must try every means to keep warm and cool in winter and summer.  "In winter, cotton or chopped cotton socks must be provided so that hamsters and other animals can lay their nests. It is too cold and reptile heating pads must be placed on the chassis of the cages.  In summer, ice bags or frozen mineral spring water are used to cool the temperature. Mineral water is frozen into ice. Towel is wrapped around the cage. The air conditioner is turned on only when it is too hot, "Wu Jing said. Regular cleaning is also done to prevent odor from affecting neighbors. Fortunately, these small animals are relatively quiet and do not make noise. However, it is not easy for small animals to run out of the cage.  Wu Jing smiled and said that due to her careful feeding, she had not received a complaint from her neighbors.


Pay attention to disease prevention, but do not indulge too much.

Regarding the fact that Wu Jing's family has nearly 100 small animals, Wu Lei, director of Shunde Animal Clinic in Chongqing, said that some small animals such as hamsters are mostly artificially propagated and generally do not carry serious infectious diseases such as plague.  Feeding small animals should pay attention to the cleanliness and disinfection of the environment, and keep their food fresh. Caging is relatively better.  However, he reminded that gloves and masks should be worn when touching small animals. It is better for children in the family not to keep small animals or to keep them in isolation. For health reasons, the breeders must stick to rabies vaccine every year.

However, Luo Lian, the chief psychological consultant of Chongqing Shangyue Psychological Counseling Center, said after hearing about this, his hobby should not be over-invested.  He said that Wu Jing's lack of family support system due to her parents' infrequent presence made raising small animals her spiritual sustenance.  In this process, she gained the attention of her peers, gained the social support system and found the value of existence.  With this kind of motivation, she hopes to show more value, so she feeds more small animals.  This interest not only helped her to eliminate anxiety and loneliness, but also found self-confidence.  However, interests and hobbies should be measured properly, not too indulged to affect work and life, and should live rationally in real life.