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Jinan Pet Aquarium Exhibition Shares the Value of Participat

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Jinan Pet Aquarium Show and Qingdao Pet Aquarium Show share their values with you

 This share comes from a US survey report,

Some people say that the exhibition fee is very expensive!  Some people say that the exhibition is not as beautiful as it used to be!  However, a survey company in the United States pointed out that the exhibition was an efficient marketing method according to the statistics on the participation of American companies. The small editor sorted out the following points for all exhibitors:
1 Low-cost contact with cooperative clients The most effective way for companies to contact qualified clients is to participate in exhibitions.  According to a study by the exhibition research company, the average cost for each visitor at the exhibition is 177 US dollars, while the average cost for contacting a customer through a sales phone is 295 US dollars.
2 The workload is small and the quality is high. After meeting qualified customers at the fair, the subsequent workload is small.  According to the survey by the exhibition investigation company, after contacting a qualified customer at the exhibition, it only needs to make an average of 0.8 phone calls to make the sale.  In contrast, the usual typical business sales method requires 3.7 phone calls to complete.  According to another study by the McGraw Hill Research Fund, 54% of all orders placed by customers to exhibitors for visiting the fair do not require further follow-up visits by individuals.
According to the research of the exhibition survey company of potential customers, based on the average number of visits to an exhibitor's booth, only 12% of the people received a call from the company's sales staff within 12 months before the exhibition.  88% are new potential customers, and the fair also brings high-level visitors to the exhibition.  For the products and services of participating companies, 49% of visitors at the exhibition are planning to purchase those products and services.
The competitive advantage exhibition provides opportunities for competitors of the same trade to show themselves.  Through well-trained booth staff, active promotion before and during the exhibition, fascinating booth design and rigorous booth follow-up, the competitiveness of participating companies can become radiant.  Moreover, visitors to the exhibition will also take this opportunity to compare various exhibitors.  Therefore, this is an open opportunity for exhibitors to demonstrate the excellent functions of their products.
Save time in three days, exhibitors will reach more potential customers than salespeople can reach in three months.  Face-to-face meeting with potential customers is a quick way to establish customer relationships.
6 harmonious customer relationship customer relationship is a hot topic in many companies, and the exhibition is a good place to take great pains to strengthen the existing customer relationship.  Exhibitors can express their thanks to customers in the following ways: warm hospitality, one-on-one dinner, special services, etc.
I'm afraid there are few opportunities for the sales staff to carry the products on the road for demonstration.  The exhibition is a good place for exhibitors to test products for potential customers.
The competition analysis exhibition site provides an opportunity to study the competition situation, and the effect of this opportunity is immeasurable.  Here, exhibitors can learn a lot about the products, prices and marketing strategies provided by competitors through observation and listening.  Most exhibitions (especially large exhibitions) usually attract media attention.  Media exposure can be an advantage for exhibitors.  Inviting important media reporters to visit the booth is an important job.
The product and service market research exhibition provides an excellent opportunity to conduct market research.  If exhibitors are considering introducing a new product or a new service, they can check with visitors at the exhibition to find out their requirements for price, function, compensation and basic quality.
Jinan Pet Aquarium Show and Qingdao Pet Aquarium Show wish all exhibitors a pleasant exhibition and a prosperous business!