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Nov. 16 Northwest Five Provinces Investment Fair waiting for

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[Last Review]
The 2017 China (Xi 'an) International Pet Aquarium Expo and the (Northwest) International Pet Aquarium Expo are held at the right time, place, and people
Under the care of, the perfect closing.
The successful opening of Xi 'an Exhibition has opened up a new market for Brilliance Pet Aquarium Products Tour Exhibition, forming Brilliance North-Jinan, China
The strategic layout of ministries-Nanjing, northwest-Xi' an and the whole country-Beijing.  It has set up a big platform for enterprises to explore the northwest market.
From December 1 to 3, 2017, the brilliant three days were the result of one year's preparation by the organizing Committee: 13,000 square meters of exhibition area and 256 brands
There were 11,583 professional viewers and 23,610 non-professional viewers, with 87% of the audience satisfied and 91% of the exhibitors satisfied.
The 2018 Huachen Xi 'an Exhibition will sharpen the momentum and create another brilliant future!
[Introduction to this Session]
The 2018 Second China (Xi 'an) International Pet Aquarium Expo and the (Northwest) International Pet Aquarium Expo will be held from November 16 to 18
The Riqujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center is held ceremoniously. The exhibition area is expected to be 20,000 ㎡, the number of booths will be over 800, and the audience will be over 50,000.
Set up "pet living exhibition area", "pet product brand area", "pet product promotion area", "pet activity competition area" and "water"
Ethnic Living Exhibition Area, Aquarium Brand Area, Aquarium Equipment Brand Area, Aquarium Products Promotion Area, Foreign-funded Enterprise Display Area and Sign
About the negotiation area ",etc.
Focus on building northwest brand exhibition.
[Northwest Market]
Shaanxi, as the starting point of the ancient Silk Road and an important hub of the Eurasian Continental Bridge, has rich regional industries and economic development advantages. Northwest China
The five provinces are self-contained.  In recent years, the state's "northwest development" and "all the way around" policies favorable to the economic development of northwest China have been put forward with foresight.
Investors poured into the northwest one after another. Recently, the "Northwest fever" has become the focus of attention.  Under the promotion of the general environment, the northwest economy will have a great development.
As is known to all, the pet aquarium industry is a new industry, and there are relatively few manufacturers in the northwest region, which is far from satisfying the market development in the northwest region.
The demand for the exhibition can be said that the northwest market is currently a relatively blank market with development potential, and manufacturers in the eastern and central parts need a platform to enter the market.
Northwest market, seize the northwest market.
[Organizational Unit]
This exhibition is strongly built by Brilliance International Exhibition, a professional exhibition organizing company that specializes in undertaking government-level and specialized exhibitions.
Trade and academic exhibitions have their own systems of investment promotion, publicity, organization and invitation management.
The "Shandong Exhibition" and "Jiangsu Exhibition" under Brilliance International Convention and Exhibition have established a good reputation in the industry in a few short years.
Word of mouth.
Brilliance, as an authoritative professional organization unit, is the cornerstone to help you develop the market.
[Orientation of Exhibition]
Strong efforts will be made to build the most authoritative trade and order exhibitions in the five northwest provinces, build a bridge for communication between the five northwest provinces and the eastern and central parts, and fill the pets in the five northwest provinces.
Aquarium industry orders blank.
[Supporting Activities]
★ Watergrass Landscaping Competition ★ Koi Display and Ornamental Area ★ Popular Science Corridor with Thousands of Ornamental Fish
★ Explaining the skill of fish culture and jar selection ★ Lecture on prevention of common diseases of ornamental fish
★ National Dog Games ★ Professional Super League for Pure Dogs ★ Hairdresser Elite Competition
★WCF Elvis Presley Championship ★ Charity Charity Clinic ★ New Product Promotion Meeting of Participating Enterprises
[Supporting Media]
"Pet World", "Wo Chong Net", "Times Pet", "Pet China", "Dog Min Net", "China Pet Trade Net", "Pet Business Opportunity Net" and "Global Pet"
Things Network, Global pet net, Pet Guide Network, Pet Supplies Network, Pet Food Network, Pet Talent Network, Pet Life Network, 921
Pet net, Pet House, Hot Veterinary Drug Feed Investment Promotion Network, Animal Planet, Pet House, Pet Hiring Network, Show Pet Network and Aquarium Life
"Fish Music Circle", "Aquarium Business Situation", "Ornamental Fish House", "I Love Ornamental Fish", "Aquarium World", "Playing Aquarium Net", "Aquarium Business Situation" and "Searching Fish Net"
"Seawater Ornamental Fish", "China Flower, Bird, Fish and Insect Wholesale Network", "China Goldfish Exchange Network", "024 Ornamental Fish Network", "China Brocade Carp Information Network" and "China Brocade Carp All",, Yisheng Fish and Aquarium Tribe,, Exhibition Information, Good Exhibition, Wan, and Show
"", "", "" and other domestic and foreign media.
[Scope of Exhibition]
Pet food: pet food/pet snacks, etc.
Pet products: pet clothing/pet appliances/pet cages/pet toys/pet care products/pet beauty products/pet training products, etc.;
Aquarium products: aquarium/oxygenation equipment/heating rod/filter/lamp/fish feed/medicine/aquatic plant/landscaping/sink sand/ornaments, etc.
Crawling and amphibious: all kinds of crawling and amphibious pets, aquariums and feeds;
Pet medical treatment: pet medical equipment/pet health care products/pet vaccine/pet medicine/pet hospital, etc.;
Bird products: ornamental birds, bird houses, feed and medicines;
Horticultural products: outdoor fountains/fishponds/garden sculptures/rockeries/artificial lawns/summerhouses/waterfalls/garden furniture/leisure camping and other facilities;
Equestrian products: horse feed and nutrition products/health care products/drugs/beauty products/saddle pads/reins/stable equipment/related artworks, etc.;
Others: pet books/pet websites/pet photography/pet clubs/pet transportation/pet lovers' associations, etc.